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Slab Base Tanks

Slab Base Tanks

Koronka’s manufacture a wide range of “Base - Slab” tanks. These units sit directly underneath a generator to save space when there is no room for a separate bulk oil tank. They are normally built to the same size as the set/engine or set/container so they are designed and manufactured to your specific requirements

As the examples below demonstrate there are two main ways these tanks load bare the equipment.

In the first system, two heavy duty reinforced side channels facing back to back are in filled with either a single skin or bunded oil tank. The set / engine bolt directly to the side channels and does not touch the tank. The two side channels act as skids for the whole system. The tank floor sheets are deliberately kept off the ground and the roof sheet is kept below the top of the side channels so nothing can accidently puncture the tank.

The second system allows for structural I beams, placed inside the tank, to carry the weight of the set / container straight through the tank to the ground level. As shown below, in the case of a drop over canopy, a 50-100mm up stand is welded around the roof of the tank equidistant from the sides by the thickness of the canopy. This ensures the canopy cannot move on the tank and there is no ingress of water onto the top of the tank. In the unlikely event of an oil leak from the set it would be contained on top of the tank and would be unable to escape down the side of the unit. This type of unit sits on its own bearers so the base of the tank does not come into contact with the ground which might potentially create a corrosion point, and therefore allows for ventilation and the base is kept dry.

Sizes range from 200 Ltrs to 40 000 Ltrs and are costed to suit your application at time of enquiry

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