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Aviation Tanks

Aviation Tanks

Koronka’s range of Aviation tanks are for both above and below ground and are manufactured in accordance to EN 12285 for storage of Avgas, Jet A1 and Mogas.

The Tanks can be manufactured either single skinned, double skinned for underground use or bunded for above ground sitting on cradles or with a rectangular bund. Tanks can have multiple compartments as required.

Cylindrical tanks are required for this industry as the interior of the tank is shot blasted and white lined as the image below demonstrates. It is imperative that there is no detritus inside the tank from either rust or any other type of contamination as fuel entering all aircraft must be 100% clean.

Again like our cylindrical tank range these tanks are bespoke designed and manufactured to suit the space available and can be from 1m dia to 3.5m diameter and length as required.

The examples below show the range from conventional single skinned tanks and above ground cradle mounted, with and without end cabinets, to fully bunded units pre- fitted with inbound and outbound pumps with suitable filtration.

All models of tanks can be pre fitted with access ladders and platforms should they be required to gain access to the top of the tank and all ladders are manufactured in accordance to BS XYZ & BS XYZ

Pictured below are;

The 16,000ltrs tank which was manufactured for Old Sarum Airport. This is one of the oldest airports in Britain dating back to WW1 when Bi planes were flown across the channel to France. This small landing strip required an AVGAS tank for filling light aircraft over wing. This unit is equipped with an inbound pump via a mesh filter. The outbound is via 100lpm pump through an outbound filter and hose reel. Prefitted, it has a static bonding reel to attach tank to aircraft. This unit is equipped with an inbound pump via mesh filter. Out bound is via 100 lpm pump through an out bound filter and hose reel. It was pre-fitted with a static bonding reel to bond tank to aircraft.

The 75,000ltrs tank which was manufactured for Farnborough Airport. One of two units manufactured in an upgrade of their tank farm. These large bunded units are interlinked via 3 way valves. These serve two purposes, first to balance tanks and secondly to isolate for maintenance or contamination. Tanks are manufactured with a 30:1 run as per CAP 434. Each vessel is fitted with a floating suction arm to remove product from the top of the tank and thus prevent any dirt or water being drawn off by the pumps.
Remember there are no "Car parks in the Sky"!!!!

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