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Environmental Tanks

Environmental Tanks 7,000ltrs

Koronka’s range of Bunded Environmental tanks is a unique design of tank incorporating a lockable 400mm high drop down door above the bunded area giving access into the large integral space of the bund. This design of tank allows many practical uses when situating pumps within the system. Whether for vehicle refuelling stations, pumps for pumping to day tanks or the ring main of a boiler system, the pumps and associated pipe work are all contained with the bund. Should there be any failures on this equipment the oil is caught within the bund.  If a bund alarm is fitted then this would go off in the event of a failure giving the operator time to shut down the system and contain the spillage within the correct area thus eliminating any costly clean up bills.

As with our Roller door range of vessels, when the door is closed it gives complete security to whatever application is lying behind the door. With this type of system it is very easy and practical to inspect the bund at all times. As soon as you open the door you can immediately see if there are any issues with your unit.

The examples below show many application and projects, but are not limited to, where we have used these tanks within the Environmental tank range . Examples are the many fuelling stations for plant and commercial trucks;, other applications included are twinset pumping systems which pump around ring mains or direct to a day tank. Having a duty standby system gives you peace of mind that, should a pump fail, the control panel will automatically switch to the other pump. Some examples even show fuel polishing systems that keep the fuel clean of FAME should the tank be a unit that stores product for long periods without use, i e standby generation. The system control panels have built in timers so the fuel can be cleaned regularly and automatically as would be required

Browsing through the images below will give you a flavour of the standard and bespoke tanks we can offer in this range along with the flexibility of any size dimension to suit your site. Any capacities or dimension you require can be achieved by Koronka, just contact our highly advanced sales and design team.

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