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OCIO - Continuous Tank Level Monitoring System

The OCIO is an innovative system to monitor the fluid level inside the tank. The system detects the static pressure generated by the fluid height by means of a small pipe inserted inside the tank and displays the fluid level or the volume.

The new design allows the user to obtain reliable and repeatable level indication.

The system is composed of :
The pipe with the probe for the static pressure detection.
The pipe with the probe shall run from the top of the tank and dip in the fluid all the way to the bottom of the tank.
The pipe connect the probe to the control unit pressure sensor.
The control unit with visual level display.

The Control Unit Contains :
The pressure sensor, which detects the pressure through the pipe connected to the probe in the tank.
Weatherproof membrane keyboard for durability.

Maximum and minimum alarm levels can be preset and relay outputs are available to drive external devices (5A max.) such as lights or sirens. OCIO allows the user to define the type of fluid being measured and to define the level indication and unit of measure.

The electronic display will give the user a continuous metering indication of level, volume and percentage of total capacity with high accuracy (+/-3%).

OCIO will measure a tank up to 4m in height.

Easy to install.