S Koronka Telephone Number
S Koronka Telephone Number

G.P.I Electronic Digital Meter

This meter is designed to be used as a part of diesel refuelling systems where the fuel flow is between 10 and 1000 litres per min.

The 01A31LM is a compact dynamo meter, which is placed at the nozzle to eliminate distraction when fuelling. It is highly accurate and consists of durable computer components that are powered by 2 AAA batteries that only have to be changed once per year.
The unit has been factory calibrated for use with gasoline, diesel and kerosene and has a large easy to read 4 digit LCD readout.

Available in:
OE 0056 1" x F for Diesel
OE 0058 1" x F for Water
OE 0055 1" x F Stainless Steel
OE 0054 2" x F for Diesel