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S Koronka Telephone Number

ST By-Pass

These Piusi diesel transfer units are well designed product and provide an inexpensive solution for private fuel stations. Each comes complete with meter, nozzle and hose, allowing the fast, safe re-fuelling of vehicles, as well as the measuring of the quantities of fuel dispensed. The incorporated fuel flow meter in these pumps, has a well-constructed mechanical display with a proven track record in reliability and ease of use. This diesel fuel transfer pump also has an in-built nozzle holder with pump start/stop lever, making operation an easy process.

IMAGE ST By-Pass E80-230v

The ST E80 is mounted on a steel plate with an 80 litres (max) per min. Pump with filter, K33 flow meter, 4m of delivery hose and self 2000 nozzle and support.

ST By-Pass 56-230v: 56 litres (max) per min.

ST By-Pass E120-230v: 95 litres (max) per min.

ST By-Pass 2000 12v/24v 40 litres (max) per min.

Available options;

Automatic nozzle

6m delivery hose